The Writer’s Voice: Team Coffeehouse #1 – DEVIL SPRINGS

Genre: YA Contemporary Word Count: 69,000


The devil has come to Devil Springs.

Except he hasn’t. Not at all. But try and tell that to Mayor Avis Kneller.

This is not the senior year Mesa Merritt pictured. She’s already suffered through her grandmother Avis’s restrictive dress code and no boy […]

The Writer’s Voice: Team Coffeehouse #2 – MIDGARD


Genre: MG Fantasy Word Count: 47,000


Twelve-year-old Stian wants to be the greatest Viking ever, but when he convinces his dad, the leader of his village, to let him go on his first raid, he fails. Miserably. A well-timed dive and a little help from a mysterious fireball are […]

The Writer’s Voice: Team Coffeehouse #3 – FOSTERING HOPE

Genre: YA Contemporary Word Count: 53,000


Fifteen-year-old Reece never thought for a second that his social worker’s plan to get him into Wickersley Academy would come to anything. The slick, shiny brochure from the boarding school didn’t scream, “Wanted: Biracial foster kid. Extra points for having a mom in jail and […]



Genre: MG Sci Fi Word Count: 69,000


Thirteen-year-old Stevie Blake shoots lightning at 1.21 gigawatts per bolt. He supercharges iPhones into iDuds just by touching them. He even flies (Landing is a whole different story).

But by the end of summer, he won’t exist.

His dad’s former sidekick, Artimus […]

The Writer’s Voice: Team Coffeehouse #5 – FATAL FLAW

Genre: Adult Thriller Word Count: 82,000


A small college town in rural Colorado should be safe. That’s what Kesari Chavez thought when she first arrived at Northeast Colorado University as a freshman. And for three years, it has been. She expects nothing different for her senior year, other than some […]

The Writer’s Voice: Team Coffeehouse #6 – GHOST OF RAG AND BONE


Genre: YA Contemporary Fantasy Word Count: 85,000


Fifteen-year-old Lauren Rousseau doesn’t want to be her sister’s keeper, but she’s the only one in her family who notices that her once-athletic, fun-loving sister seems to be vanishing right before her eyes.

Wendi’s terror grows every time the family visits Grandmother […]

The Writer’s Voice: Team Coffeehouse #7 – THE TREASURE HUNT


Genre: YA Contemporary Word Count: 69,000


When sixteen-year-old Benjamin McGill is shipped off to Bay Haven, ME, to stay with his grandmother for the summer, it’s not a vacation—it’s a punishment. Ben’s bored out of his mind in his Gran’s quiet coastal town—until he finds a letter from a […]

Get Pumped for The Writer’s Voice 2015

We’re so excited to be a part of “The Writer’s Voice” this year! Brenda, Kimberly Chase and I will be joining forces as a coaching team and are so excited to read your manuscripts!

For those who aren’t familiar with “The Writer’s Voice,” it’s is a multi-blog, multi-agent contest hosted by Brenda Drake, Mónica […]