The People Who Matter by Tamara Mataya

I could tell you about the time they poured pencil shavings—and staples—into my hair and rubbed it into my scalp.

I could list for you the names they called me. The ones no one but me remembers, and the ones that stuck.

I could tell you about the time I got stabbed with a […]

Dear Bully by Laura Shovan


Dear Bully

Sometimes when we pass in the hall

I hear you say, “She’s no one at all.”

I’m invisible, though we both wear

a hoodie, jeans, the same long hair.

Showing off for your latest boy,

you scan the crowd for some new toy

to play with, pick apart and tease.

I […]

Carnations Do Matter by Nikki Roberti

It started when I was 12. My parents moved me to a Christian private school because my brother had issues with a local middle school and had thrived from his own move their two years prior. However, my brother and I were very different people, and while the move was great for him, it […]

You are Beautiful, You are Strong by Janet B. Taylor

Today, I am so grateful to Brenda for allowing me to participate in this extremely-important topic.

We hear a lot about bullying these days, and that is wonderful and amazing and every time I read about or see a post that speaks against this type of behavior, I cheer and fist-pump!

See, I’m a […]

My Thoughts About Bullying by Kelly Calabrese




I’ve been asked to share my insights on bullying, which Urban Dictionary defines as:

See abuse. ‘Nuff said.

So true! Bullying is abuse. It is a wicked display of power meant to intimidate and embarrass another. Worst all, bullying […]