Semi-finalist #8

Name: A.E. Martin
After a three month leave I was looking forward to going back to work, even though that involved dealing with demon politics that made being stuck between a rock and a hard place look like a cozy place to take a nap. When I left the parking lot though, I had a nice reality check waiting for me in the form of people marching and chanting up and down the sidewalk and street. They were hardly my welcome back committee. I sighed as I headed into the throng of Humans Against Demons protestors, preparing for an uphill battle to make it to my building. It was my fault anyway, for not remembering that the Offices for Demon Control was one of HAD’s favorite places to put on their song and dance.

As I struggled through the crowd, I wondered at the sheer volume of people that were here; it seemed like there were three times more protestors than usual, which meant the stench of BO was three times worse. It was like these people weighed the time it’d take to shower against the ten minutes of protesting they’d lose, and showering always lost. Suddenly, my attention was caught by the celebratory shouts coming from a group of people who were clustered in the middle of the street, and I wondered if they’d gotten hold of one of my junior Control Officers. Wary, I hauled myself onto the roof of a parked car to have a look. When I saw what they were gathered around, I immediately pulled my gun out and fired a few shots into the air.

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