Semi-finalist #7

Name: R. A. Desilets
My father dropped the last bag with a huff and looked over the long winding sidewalk up to the main set of brownstones xxxxxxxxx. “Are you sure you don’t want us to come in with you?”
I shook my head.
My mother arched her eyebrow. She looked at the measly two bags that I had packed. “We could come back with more of your stuff, you know. It’s not a far drive.”
I shook my head. I didn’t want anything else. Everything that had been left at home was there for a reason. The old jacket from Ched, the worn out skirt that was too small that had been to one too many parties… everything was a reminder of who I used to be. This was a fresh start, or it was supposed to be. Though, I didn’t know how much of a fresh start I could get here.
My mother wrapped her arms around me and held me in a hug for a little too long. I was used to this, after everything I had put them through. I patted her on the shoulder, attempting to let my thoughts cross into her head. It would be fine, I wanted to convince her.
My father hugged me for just a moment before he pulled away and took a hesitant step toward the car. “We should at least bring your bags up, kiddo. What if they start asking too many questions?”
I held up the pad of paper and tried to smile convincingly. 

2 comments to Semi-finalist #7

  • This is curious. Why is her father worrying about someone asking too many questions? And what answers does she have on that pad of paper? Why does she need a fresh start? I’d read on to find out! <3

  • Thanks, Brenda! That means a lot ^_^ I completely rewrote the entry to one of my stories to make it a bit more subtle, and leave the reader curious … rather than overload them with information on the first page. 🙂 Glad to see it worked 😉

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