Semi-finalist #6

Name: Lori Freeland

I hated cemeteries.

Which sucked for me, because as of noon today, Restland Memorial Park became my sister’s new permanent address. 

The service and burial finished, the last thing to get through was this farce of a reception. At my house, no less. How much longer would I have to stand here in these tight shoes pretending I hadn’t died along with Claire?

I wedged myself farther into the corner between the two long windows in the great room. Naked branches tapped against the pane behind me and a frosty chill seeped through the glass. I pulled my black silk shrug tight around my shoulders and curled my toes inside the ugly black funeral pumps.

Oh, Claire, how could you do this to me?

An ache ripped into my chest.

Alek leaned against the patio door across the room. He caught my eye and straightened like he was going to come over. 

I took a deep breath and shook my head. I needed to be alone. No more hugging. No more crying. No more words. Not even from my best friend.

He frowned, but stayed where he was,turning to whisper something to his brother, Kyle.

That hurt, puppy dog look on his face sent a wave through my heart,threatening my already waning control on the pent-up tears begging for release.I turned away and pressed the spot between my eyes. I could not handle any more guilt right now—I’d had enough in the last three days.

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