Semi-finalist #20

Name: Ryann Kerekes
Standardized testing in high school determines your future. And I scored a perfect 3100 on the test. That had only been done one other time. Okay, so truth be told, I might have cheated. Just a little. Or a lot. Depends on how you look at it. But when they made it so easy to hack into the testing system’s mainframe, they were practically asking for it.
If I would have known the consequences–trust me–I wouldn’t have. But I accidently submitted the test before I changed some of my answers back to the wrong choice. And now, all of my belongings are packed in two rolling suitcases beside my bedroom door. 
I take one last look around my room. The photo frame flashes an image of Piper and me from the summer at her cousin’s bonfire. Otherwise known as the night I learned warm beer, almond liqueur and vodka don’t mix. I made out with Archer Gibson in the woods. Not one of my finer moments. Good thing I knew how to remove the photographic evidence of that night from his MyPage.
“Tinley?” My mom calls across the intercom. “You about ready?”
I stuff the digital frame in my shoulder bag. The memories of Piper and our debauchery will have to be enough to sustain me for a while. “Coming,” I call. Let’s get this shit-show started. Transferring at the end of the school year, because, yeah, that’s not awkward.

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