Name: Mike Wordplay
Title: The Sisters Ellison and the Case of the Whistling Willies
Genre: MG
On a lone house set high on a hill, lived two little girls, their names were Emily and Eliza Ellison.
Emily the older one, loved reading books about insects,
And mummies,
And ancient Mayan rituals,
And she especially loved playing solitaire on the stairs with her cat, Osiris.
But more than anything, she loved a good mystery.
Eliza the younger one, could be found climbing on very tall things,
And very small things,
And all things in between,
And she especially loved taking things apart to see how they worked.
But above all of these, she adored a good adventure most of all.
Two sisters so different yet it was their love of mystery and adventure that would bring them together in a most unexpected way.
It happened suddenly.
It happened at a very late hour.
The whistle rattled the window panes.
It rolled up the stairs and reached the tiny but ever-alert of ears of
One Ms. Emily Ellison.
In an instant Emily opened her eyes and reached for her spectacles sitting atop the bureau.
“What on earth” she whispered to herself as she reached into the top drawer of the bureau for the flashlight and carefully slipped into her houseshoes at the edge of the bed.
The floor groaned under her gentle steps. Soon her footsteps were joined by another less careful set that bounded quickly toward her.

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