Name: Kris Summers
Title: Phenomenally
Genre: Paranormal romance
It started as a whisper.
When I didn’t respond, he bent to speak in my ear. Cold hands gripped my shoulders, sending chills down my spine. Annoyed, I massaged my temples, brushed my platinum hair out of my eyes, and continued to feign taking notes on Ms. Stein’s lecture. It didn’t work. The ghost wouldn’t leave me alone. 
Unable to resist the temptation, I scanned the room out of the corner of my eyes. Nobody else had noticed the ghost, it seemed, but I should have learned by now that my class was blind to paranormal activities. Not just anyone could interact with the dead. I was the only one in Brookhaven as far as I knew. 
“I know you can hear me, Sierra,” he said.
The guy refused to give up.
“Why don’t you buzz off and haunt someone else?” I whispered, dropping my pencil and cupping my hand around my cheek. There was no point in maintaining my studious façade. It wasn’t like I was going to be able to pay attention to anymore of the lecture with this guy around. 
“You know I can’t. That’s why I came to you.” He sounded bemused.
“You’re too late. The business is closed. I don’t want to hear your troubles.”
Ghosts always came to find me; they seemed to think that I could do everything: from solving their issues, to counseling, to giving messages to the living. In reality, I couldn’t do anything. I knew almost nothing about them despite having been able to see them for my entire life—at least, for what I remembered of it.

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