Name: Elle McNulty   
Title: Little Lion
Genre: YA Thriller   

Fighting the toughest girl in the school after she called my best friend white trash, seemed like a good idea at the time. But now with my bottom lip split wide open, possible broken ribs, and a jammed finger, I realize that walking away might’ve been the wiser choice.

While I’m bent over catching my breath, my nemesis, Ronnie Joe, swings at me again, this time getting me on the side of the head. Ain’t nothing worse than getting punched in the mind. At least that’s what I thought until she kicked me in the chin. The side of my tongue catches between my teeth when my jaw clamps shut. Salty blood fills my mouth, sparklers light behind my eyelids. I stumble backward in a daze, eyes filling with tears. I try to get out of Ronnie Joe’s way, but I’m pushed back into the fight by the blood-thirsty crowd.

“Get her, Darby,” my best friend, Peach calls out to me above the shouts of our classmates.

Ronnie Joe comes at me again, her battle cry sounding like a loose belt on an old Datsun. When she swings I step to the side and grab her right arm, twisting it behind her back in a debilitating move my daddy taught me before he died.

Ronnie Joe cusses. She knows more curse words than ABCs.

I lean over, putting my mouth right up to her ear. Bloody spittle mists the side of her face when I speak.

2 comments to SEMI-FINALIST – 18

  • Anonymous

    Reading this puts me back to when I was in school, trying to find where I fit. Wanting to do the right thing and dealing with the school bully. I’m right there in the fight from the very beginning, tasting the salty blood on my tongue. Right now I wish I knew what Darby says to Ronnie Joe. I thoroughly enjoy how I can relate and I expect the underdog will come out on top. JWG – California

  • Cat

    It’s a good scene but I would have loved to be a little more grounded in the story first. One or two sentences would have been enough.

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