MENTOR: Susan Spann

MENTEE: Derek Chivers


CATEGORY/GENRE: Adult Science Ficton

WORD COUNT: 80,000



A notorious outlaw steals the fastest starship in the multiverse, hoping to outrun his past, or at least the six-armed cannibal warlord chasing him. When the sentient ship shanghais her pirate captain, turning his epic joyride into a hunt for his father’s murderer, the outlaw uncovers a secret that will save, or vaporize, everything in existence.



Trig couldn’t believe what he wasn’t seeing.

A shockwave sent him swaying as he searched for the shift control. Surely they wouldn’t destroy the ship to prevent him from stealing it.

Another blast, closer. Trig lost his footing, and his certainty.

Would they?

The crew of the Yamato-Musashi was an Imperial warship’s-worth of hungry monsters, among whom Trig had stowed away at port. He’d eluded port authorities and the Vaxaxian crew—no small feat for the most wanted man in the multiverse—and located the warship’s cargo hold, without being able to read a word of Vaxaxian. That’s where he found the Rising Sun, sole responsibility of the warship and its bloodthirsty crew, and stolen the ship from under their noses. Snouts. Face holes?


He’d powered up, released the dock clamps, started the sublights, and cleared the warship’s gravity field without incident.

Of course the hardest part would be finding a button.

From his new vantage point on the floor, Trig stared at the underside of the control station. Nothing changed. He saw the same controls, mirrored, through the bottom of the control panel.

So much for quantum relativity.

At full ahead, the sublight engines barely broke the massive warship’s gravity field. The Yamato-Musashi only needed to stall him a little longer and it would all be over. Trig had instigated the slowest chase ever, while stealing the fastest ship in existence.

He felt under the seat. No shifter there.

Yep, Trig thought, he was pretty well nerfed.

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