PW #427: Adult Diverse Urban Fantasy: GRAVEYARD SHIFT

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Manuscript Status: Finished and ready for delivery

Mentor Name: K.T. Hanna & Jami Nord
Mentee Name: David Gillon
Category: Adult
Genre: Diverse Urban Fantasy
Word Count: 100,000


A necromantic drug lord, backed by a demigod with diabolical ulterior motives, has it in for Detective Aleks Lucnik, and Laura, her wheelchair-using witch of a best friend. If they don’t stop him from killing Laura’s toddler, losing Seattle will be the least of the world’s problems.


Detective Bobby Ventimiglia was dead, and he was still annoying.

Bobby-V died in an alley off Roosevelt, ambushed and sucked dry by a pack of Bloods, so we did the decent thing and waited three days to let him attend his own wake after crawling from the grave.  Seattle PD were generous, they gave hima couple of weeks to get used to the whole being dead thing, then banished him to the graveyard shift as my new partner. So now I spent my nights babysitting a self-obsessed clotheshorse, who wasn’t just breaking in a new set of fangs, but had lost any sense of personal space. Bobby was cute enough, Italian dark, handsomely lean, but he was standing so close I felt his breath whenever he remembered to breathe. And I wasn’t entirely happy about the way his gaze tended to linger on my carotid, almost as though counting each and every pulse.

Not that there was much else to look at. Midnight in the Rainy City and we were stuck outside a decrepit warehouse on the edge of the 13th Street Projects. They say policing is hours of boredom broken by 5 minutes of screaming terror. We’d had the terror, when SWAT stormed the place and the idiots inside went all Wild Bunch on us, now boredom was reasserting itself.

Then Quinn stepped out and waved me over. The other Precincts called him the Prince of Darkness, with racist undertones that made HR wince. We just called  him Captain.


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