PW #409: Adult Dark Contemporary Romance: KILLING JUNE

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Manuscript Status: Finished

Mentor Name: Jami Nord
Mentee Name: May B Bridges
Category: Adult
Genre: Dark Contemporary Romance
Word Count: 75,000


Nights of whips and sweat-slicked skin collide with Sunday church, pecan pie, and cultivated appearances. Cade blasts through the partitions of Alex’s life, seeing her as a whole. But lowering her walls risks Alex’s heart, career, even life, when her criminal ex won’t let her go.


I’d thought about killing June before, but never with the determination I felt while sitting in Joe’s bar waiting to meet new clients. I hated her—who she was, the things she did, and mostly, that I needed her. I hated the tension tightening my gut, and the nausea I fought waiting for a stranger to slide onto the stool beside me.

I glanced around, trying to spot my would-be client. Nothing but bikers and half-dressed, strung-out women. It would’ve been a rough crowd in my neighborhood, but that far south of Dallas’ I-20, it was spot on.

My nerves coupled with sticky Texas heat, pushed my discomfort over the edge. It was September, 10PM, and a solid 85° in Dallas. 95° easy in Joe’s smoke filled, sweatbox.

“You’re nursing that one, doll.” Joe pointed to my half-full glass. He pulled a bar towel across his damp, dark brow.

“Here for a quick chat with a friend, then I have to drive. Being responsible.”

“Sure ya are.” Joe winked and strolled across the bar to help a string of spandex and leather clad ladies.

We’d never discussed it, but I was sure the old man knew the guys I met weren’t friends, and that I wasn’t hanging out to chat.

Letting ice from my drink linger against my lips, fizz tickling my nose, I watched Joe pour tequila and pass out salt. My view was obstructed by the mass of a man that settled on the stool beside me.

This was the awkward part.


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