PW #408: Adult Epic Fantasy: THE LAST AGE OF WIZARDS

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Manuscript status: Finished

Mentor Name: Michelle Hauck
Mentee Name: Alivya Leighton
Category: Adult
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Word Count: 105,000


When Kojo, one of the world’s last wizards, sacrifices everything for love, he unwittingly imperils mages everywhere. As an eager apprentice, he wished only to please the exacting Master Oshin. But when Kojo falls for his master’s daughter, Oshin’s rage ignites. His unintended curse harms more than just Kojo—it gives rise to the dark mage who will destroy the world.


Lying upon his deathbed, many years later, Lord Oshin would trace the tragedies of his life and the ruin of his family back to one boy, and the day he invited the scalawag into his great and noble house.

He woke with a twist in the gut. Nerves, he thought, though he was hardly the sort to permit a weak constitution. Oshin never claimed to possess powers of prophecy, but reflecting on the day, the discomfort must have been the harbinger of an ill fate, and not an ill stomach. All the same, anxiety was so foreign to him, he almost couldn’t name it, having suffered it only thrice his whole life. The first instance occurred in his youth, when his master had caught him experimenting with Creation, a practice strictly prohibited for novices. At thirteen, he knew he was in the wrong, and his punishment well-warranted the fearful anticipation.

The second instance preceded his petition to Lord Kalban for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Though he had not doubted the response during those fretful hours—it was a match the good lord of the manor had practically made himself—he did dread the man’s joviality at the news: he was a man of laughter, excitable and oftentimes inappropriate, and Oshin did not like feeling the fool—not ever. Lord Kalban did laugh, and it was all Oshin could do not to screw up his face in righteous indignation.


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