PW #404: Adult M/M Erotic Romance: A SENSE SUBLIME

Pitchwars Badge (Square A)Manuscript Status: Finished.

Mentor Name: Laura Heffernan
Mentee Name: Krista Merle
Category: Adult
Genre: M/M Erotic Romance
Word Count: 80,000


John’s plan is simple: choose a wife, rescue his family’s reputation, then resume his real life with David. When a woman from his debauched past threatens his priorities, he’ll risk a scandal—for the right reasons—to save his relationship.


The words are finally coming the way they always should. I’ve blunted three of my quills—the fine crow ones—this afternoon, my handwriting devolved to scribbles and slashes, and my hand aches, but the story is pouring out of me. Lines and phrases purged by my brain, down my arm and out of my hand with a violence that should leave me wrung out and exhausted, but does the opposite.

I keep scribbling until my Majordomo and, as such, the engineer of my Dukedom, walks in with his ever-present leather portfolio tucked under his arm. He closes my office door behind him.

“One of the footmen said you need me. He made it sound urgent.” He gives me an arch look.

I circle to the front of my desk. “Yes, urgent. Desperate, even.”

David closes the distance between us and reaches up to press a soft kiss to my lips, his trim stomach pressing against my crossed arms. His sweet little tongue flicks against my lips, begging entrance, and I open for him. He sighs and presses closer, questing into my mouth. I pull my arms from between us and cradle the back of his head, palming the base of his skull.

He breaks the kiss. “Tell me. What do you need?”

My limbs are heavy with desire as I take in his wide eyes and swollen lips. I lean in and whisper, “How do you spell ‘acquiescence’? Two C’s or three?” I turn, dip a quill into the ink, and poise it above a blank page.

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