MENTOR: Jaye Robin Brown

MENTEE: Nina Moreno



WORD COUNT: 75,000



Daisy dates like a hummingbird. Beau’s so notorious even his truck has a reputation. Despite tangled histories, they’re two strands of one knot. When secrets threaten Beau’s family, Daisy ties the knot tighter. But sometimes, not even the strongest bond can survive a fire. HURRICANE DAUGHTER is a modern Southern Gothic romance about the crash and burn of falling in love when your world is falling apart.




My mother raised me better than this. Then again, if anyone taught me how to wear my crazy, it was the woman who spent fifteen hours delivering me into this mad world.

I finished my drink and squinted at the full moon before glancing at the two girls beside me. My improvised coven of witches was going to lose points for participation.

I snapped my fingers to get their attention. “Come on, it’s where it’s supposed to be.”  I pointed at the ground by Lindsey’s feet as I struggled to remember what came next. “Hand me that…that one. The white candle.”

“How do you know this again?” Alicia complained around a yawn. She was laying back in the dewy grass, looking sober and bored.

“Cause I read it in a book.”

Lindsey handed me the candle like it was hot to the touch. I smiled as I tossed it from one hand to the other, glad I’d chosen January instead of June. The mosquitoes weren’t out hunting blood. The night had a cool bite to it, and the moon offered enough light for us to be this far back in the woods. Branches as crooked as we were hung above us, artfully draped in Spanish moss. Hanging out pretending to raise the dead wasn’t anywhere near my usual kicks, but boredom and inspiration led a person down some weird roads.

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