PW #350: Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy: A MUSE DARK AND WILD

Manuscript Status: Two Weeks Delivery

Mentor Name: Kelly Ann Hopkins
Mentee Name: Cass L. Scotka
Category: Young Adult
Genre: Fantasy (Contemporary)
Word Count: 93,000

Seventeen-year-old Hazel is a Wild—a rare, all-powerful Muse—born to inspire humanity’s greatest achievements. When her sister kills their mother, Hazel flees to California, where her murderous sister shadows her new life. Hazel must straddle the thin line of revenge and unbridled power, risking embracing darkness or suffering the same brutal end as her mother.


The cheerful wreath of yellow flowers rattled as I shut the front door. “Mom! Dad, I’m home.” I kicked off my sandals and tossed my messenger bag under the coatrack. “Won’t need you for the next three months.” I did a hip-shimmy of happiness.

Mom flew down the hall and pounced on me, her pale blue sundress swishing around her legs. “There’s my senior girl!”

“Mom, I’m not really a senior until school starts again in the fall.” I sniffed the air. “What’s that smell?”

“Lilies,” Mom said with a smile.

A ginormous bouquet of purple stargazer lilies dwarfed the kitchen table, towering over the bowl of oranges. Dad bought Mom flowers every Friday, but he’d gone big for their anniversary weekend. “Holy crap! That’s crazy huge.”

Her bright blue eyes crinkled at the corners as she grinned, goofy and love-struck. “Your father spoils me.”

The flowers’ spicy fragrance tingled my nose. “What number anniversary is this?”

“Lucky number four hundred and thirteen.” Sunlight set her flame-red hair alight as she watered a pot of rosemary on the window ledge.

A pang of unbidden loneliness ached in my chest as a vision of steel-gray eyes and blond hair filled my mind. Adam. My future Guardian, just like Dad was to Mom.

A Muse’s other half. My soulmate throughout our thousand year lives. Like all Guardians, Adam could seek me out in my dreams. 

So why hadn’t he visited my nights in over a year?

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