PW #349: Young Adult Contemporary with Supernatural Elements: SHADOWS CAST BY DREAMS

Manuscript Status: Finished

Mentor Name:  Heather Ezell
Mentee Name: Rachel Griffin
Category: Young Adult
Genre: Contemporary with Supernatural Elements
Word Count: 62,000


When a car accident triggers a series of shared dreams, Rain loses herself in a place where her memories intersect with those of the mysterious boy involved in the crash. Rain is haunted by his world of secrets, but fears a life-saving surgery will result in the only thing more terrifying than the dreams themselves– losing them, and the boy she’s come to love.

Inception meets IF I STAY


Swamp green. That’s the color Mom thinks her eyes are, which is ridiculous of course.

Mom’s eyes are hazel, dark brown rings that burst into rays of brilliant gold and melt into jade. They look like planets, something you’d see through a telescope late at night. Saturn, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Laura Singer’s Eyes.

I add a touch more brown to my palette, swirling it around until Mom’s eye color is in perfect paint form. My brush slides across the canvas, and soon her planet is hanging in a sea of stars.

Mom’s birthday is next week, and I can’t wait to see the look on her face when I give her this painting and tell her it’s how her eyes have always looked to me, like badass uncharted territory all of humanity wants to explore. She’s been cracking jokes about crow’s feet and gray hair, but underneath all the jokes it’s clear it bothers her.

The best part is that she won’t be expecting anything: my surgery is in three days, and it’s all Mom thinks about. I doubt she even knows her birthday is coming up. If everything goes well, I’ll give Mom the painting and she’ll be floored when she realizes I planned ahead.

And if I die, well, Mom will find the painting in my room and likely form an unhealthy emotional attachment to it.

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