PW #349: Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy: EYE OF THE GODS

Manuscript Status: Finished

Mentor Name: Marie Meyer

Mentee Name: Christina Wise


Category: Young Adult

Genre: Contemporary Fantasy

Word Count: 78,000


High school is tough, especially for Andrea, a descendant of the goddess, Aphrodite. But when her ancient family demands her help to return to the mortal realm, Andrea is forced to choose: help the Greek gods and risk losing the boy she loves, or stand against them and suffer their wrath.


No matter how many times Andrea told herself to ignore the box on Gram’s bookshelf, she couldn’t help but stare, the mysterious contents pulling her like a magnet. She pursed her lips at the carving of Medusa on the lid, dust caked into the deep crevasses. Next to the box sat a framed photo of her dead mother, arms folded with a tight-lipped smile. Every day since arriving in Greece, Andrea noticed Gram’s attention drifting toward this shelf. When she’d ask about her mother, Gram only offered vague replies. Andrea stood scowling at the grimy old box, her imagination dumping the answers to life’s secrets inside. Her life at least. With a sigh, she turned away.

Feet bare on the cold tile, Andrea tiptoed to the large window and pulled back the gauze curtains. Early morning rays forced her to squint, warming her cheeks. Down the hill, the Aegean Sea lapped against the sandy shore. Perhaps she’d start the day with a run on the beach. Then she’d lie in Gram’s garden and sketch out a few designs. Afterward, a trip into town. She twisted her fingers together. Anything to keep away from the Medusa box…she would not open that box.

Andrea drummed her fingers on the windowsill, nibbling her thumbnail. What could it hurt? It’s a stinking box. Screw it! One peek.

With a pivot on her heel, Andrea marched over and lifted the box off the shelf. Something rattled inside. The tips of her fingers prickled.


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