PW #347: Young Adult Contemporary Romance: SHE’S A HURRICANE

Manuscript Status: One Month Delivery

Mentor Names: Jen Ferguson and Gracie West

Mentee Name: True Sloan


Category: Young Adult

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Word Count: 72,000


After seventeen-year-old Flare kidnaps her brother from their abusive parents, she becomes a master at lying to everyone about everything. Because lies keep Flare and her brother safe—from nosey landlords, teachers, the police, and even Gage, her roommate.

Held captive by guilt, eighteen-year-old Gage is fighting to stay clean. So, no more drugs, no one-night-stands, and absolutely, no falling in love. Not even with a girl who’s as strong as a hurricane.


To say I walk on a high wire would be an understatement. I jump, falling head first to the ground like the risk taker I am.

“Flare Fighter.” The landlord’s eyes scan the papers carefully, taking in every detail of the forged documents as we sit across from each other in her nearly vacant office. “Interesting. Sounds fake.”

My heart races as I fight the urge to laugh in hysteria. Of course the name my parents gave me would be my undoing. Ironically, it’s actually one of the only truths I told this lady, but obviously, she can’t tell what’s true or false. That’ll work in my favor. Even so, it’s best to look anywhere but her eyes, because if I do, she’ll see the lie plastered on my face.

Eyes are windows to the soul, Flare. Eyes hold no deceit.

My sixth-grade teacher told me this when I lied to her about where the bruises on my arms came from. After that, I learned to stop looking people in the eye whenever I tell a lie.

I nod slowly, as my vision blurs with fatigue. “Yeah, it’s not a name you hear everyday,” I tell her, glancing around the small white-walled office.

Her eyebrows furrow as if she’s having an internal debate as to what her next question will be.

This is it, I’m busted.


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