PW #346: Young Adult Contemporary Time Travel: MOM, I MARRIED A HIGHLANDER


Mentor: Marty Mayberry
Mentee: Lana Pattinson
Category: Young Adult
Genre: Contemporary/Time Travel
Word Count: 70,000


Abby’s extra credit report derails when a Highlander from the past jumps into her future. Callum’s bleeding, dirty, and…hot. Together, they must discover how to send Callum home before rival time travelers kill him to protect their secrets. And Abby must decide if a life in the past with Callum is worth enduring bad hygiene and possible death by plague, let alone leaving everyone she loves behind.


Why did I let Javi talk me into wearing this outfit to school? Some BFF he is. My necktie’s too tight, my schoolgirl skirt keeps riding up, and even over a white collared shirt, my V-necked sweater’s itchy. The Halloween costume—and the taunting—have worn thin.

Sarah joins me at the lockers, the once-a-year coat of paint already chipping from the humid Texas weather. She’s got a nice boyfriend and shiny hair and if we hadn’t been friends forever, I’d probably hate her. My green eyes have always been the jealous type.

But her boyfriend’s my brother. Awkward doesn’t begin to describe our let’s-discuss-anything-except-boys-relationship.

After making sure we’re alone, I slip Sarah the contraband in a paper bag.

“Abby, what’s…?” She opens the bag and laughs. “You need a paper bag for Outlander?”

My cheeks heat up. “It’s Mom’s. There are some…intense…scenes in it.” Not that Mom will notice it’s gone. She’s on call at the hospital so much, it’s like living with a roommate instead of a parent.

“Awesome.” Sarah shuts her locker. “You going to the game tomorrow?”

Sticking my tongue out, I unclip the necktie and wrap my frizzed-out hair into a bun. “Obviously.”

Of course I’m going to the game tomorrow. Every. Single. Friday. Because football is the main religion in Texas, and I’m a front-pew fan. Not of the game, exactly. Just one tight end in particular.

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