PW #340: Young Adult Space Opera: THE LAST RELIC

Manuscript Status: Finished

Mentor Name: Monica M. Hoffman
Mentee Name: Mikki Tolley
Category: Young Adult
Genre: Space Opera
Word Count: 110,000


Princess Lusi has a secret. She lacks the Calm—a power to spread peace the League of Nine Worlds depends on. Her plans to escape her legacy are thwarted when a vengeful warlord storms the palace, taking over her planet with his cyborg army. Now Lusi must forgo her freedom when she’s forced to strike a deal with exiled rebels to save her empire and prevent a catastrophic war. FROZEN meets STAR WARS.


I stared at the thick steel door across from me, palms slick as I gripped the armrests of my chair. They were finally going to let me out. Any second now, my parents would come for me, releasing me from a lifetime of restless confinement.

The guards at the exit adjusted the pulse-rifles in their hands, as if sensing my focus. Their presence clashed with the elaborate white flower arrangements balancing on delicate tables beside them. But their job in the princess quarters of the imperial palace was simple: prevent my escape and report any suspicious behavior. Even on the night of my crowning.

“Your Majesty?” said a timid voice.

I glanced down at the stylist kneeling before me, paintbrush in hand. She pointed at my leg with a rueful grimace. My knees knocked together, smudging the elaborate artwork peeking through the high slit of my dress.

“Sorry,” I said, cringing.

Flexing my muscles, I held still in spite of my jitters. The body art for my public debut was a ridiculous custom. It covered every inch of my visible limbs, and the sharp smell burned my nostrils, leaving me with a dull headache. As the paint dried, my skin began to tighten and itch in a furious way.

It doesn’t matter, I reminded myself, forcing a deep breath. It will all be worth it after tonight.

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