PW #339: Young Adult Science Fiction: DONOR

Manuscript Status: Finished

Mentor: Brian Palmer
Mentee: Adalyn Grace
Title: DONOR
Category: Young Adult
Genre: Science Fiction
Word Count: 82,000


Analeigh has been gifted a new set of eyes by the Donor Center, a corporation that breeds and supplies human-like organ donors.

Black is a donor who’s been raised on a lie: the Center releases its patients on their eighteenth birthday.

When the two discover Donor is more sinister than anyone dreamed, they must team up to expose its dark truths before Black is harvested for the next buyer. 



I couldn’t listen to the constant drumming of the Operator’s fingertips against the limousine’s leather seats any longer. The man sat curled in a corner, his beady eyes observing the faces of the four remaining passengers without blinking. He scrutinized each of us, though his stare held mine longer than necessary.

“While you will be spending nearly a month in their presence,” he said, “remember that no bonds should be formed with the patients. Despite their appearance, the patients are far from human. They exist for one purpose alone.” Each word was enunciated like a sentence. I glanced at my father, knowing he wouldn’t appreciate being treated like he was unforgivably inept.

“I assure you, that will not be an issue.” My father’s voice cut through the air like a whip. “We are well informed on the patients. I am, after all, one reason Donor exists in this capacity, Charles. And don’t forget my wife’s work here is the other reason.” He spoke with the obnoxious sort of pride he liked to use when attempting to sound official. Every time I heard it, I gagged a little.

Charles, the Operator, gave a meek nod as his tiny body wilted into itself. “Of course, Mayor Hampton. My apologies.” His fingers never stopped tapping. 

Why, I wondered, was he worried about us meeting the patients?

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