PW #338: Young Adult Science Fiction/Horror: IN FLESH, WE DROWN

Manuscript Status: Finished

Mentor: Cat Scully and Kim Graff
Mentee: Ariane Felix
Category: Young Adult
Genre: Science Fiction/Horror
Word Count: 75,000


Donnie Darko meets The Matrix.

Jodi throws a party to forget her girlfriend’s disappearance, Jake plans to deliver his love letter to Jodi, but after a night of smoke and flickers, they wake up two days in the past. Visions of meat walls and people with no faces chase them into a spiral of madness. As they draw closer to the truth of their abduction, they must accept their new reality or bloody their hands to survive.


I puke my soul into the toilet.

The tiles on the wall undulate like waves in the ocean, slipping in and out of focus. The world feels surreal, like a fresh painting, as if I could smudge it with my fingers.

My body tingles, a cold sensation scratching under my skin. It grows from my chest, my lungs, and spreads to my arms and legs. A scream grows inside of me, pushing against my skin, but I hold it back.

I feel wrong.

Someone is knocking on the door, and they can go to hell because this is my house and I’m puking. I swallowed a shot or two or three, and the edges of the world smoothed out. But I shouldn’t get this sick because of pot, a little vodka, and a gulp of beer.

Never mix drinks, my mom used to say. Her voice seeps into my mind, viscous and silky. Some bastard spiked my drink, I decide. I’ll find him, cross the guy off my invite list, and poison his lunch so he can puke his goddamn soul out. That’s what I tell myself, even though the idea sounds ridiculous. The only people here are friends and friends of friends, people I can trust. But anger fills me up, helps me focus on something other than my trembling hands.

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