PW #331: Young Adult Contemporary Paranormal: THE WRECKAGE OF US

Manuscript Status: Finished

Mentor: Laurie Elizabeth Flynn
Mentee: Mary C. Dunbar
Category: Young Adult
Genre: Contemporary with paranormal elements
Word Count: 85,000


After an accident leaves him a quadriplegic and kills his best friend, Jordan must navigate the world without Taylor –until Taylor’s ghost starts haunting him. Doubting his sanity, he must choose between living with hallucinations or letting go of the boy he loves. CARRY ON meets WE WERE LIARS.


Taylor’s empty parking place stands out among the vacant rows in the Westview High lot. It might as well have a neon sign glaring over it from the way my head pounds as my brother puts our car in park three rows down. In the midst of the deserted parking lot, someone’s drawn a huge purple and gold chalk cross and left flowers where Taylor’s Mustang is supposed to be. We should be sitting there together, waiting for the rest of our crew to arrive, but instead, I can make out his baseball and basketball numbers and a bunch of hearts sketched on the asphalt.

The hair on the back of my neck prickles as a shadow crosses the parking lot, and I look away from the makeshift memorial and press my head back against the vinyl headrest, hoping to disappear. Maybe dropping out on the first day of senior year wouldn’t be such a bad move. With stiff, uncooperative hands, I take off my glasses and press my fists against my pounding temples.

“Another migraine?” Jesse asks, idling the engine. He turns up the A/C and aims the vent in my direction.

The day of the accident, I walked out of school a six-foot-three honors student, two-sport athlete, and student council member. Now I’ve lost my spot on the student council because I missed elections, my athletic career is over, and I’m repeating two basic junior honors classes. To top it off, I’m not even walking back in.

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