PW #329: Young Adult Contemporary: STAGED

Manuscript Status: Finished

Mentor: Jennifer Blackwood
Mentee: Susie Fisher
Category: Young Adult:
Genre: Contemporary
Word Count: 62,000


Gossip Girl meets Nashville.

After seventeen-year-old country music sensation Paxton Parker’s on-stage disaster, her record company cuts ties. With family funds in the red, and her assets frozen, she uses her fame to stage tabloid photos to earn a quick buck. But when her hustle and a vindictive blogger threaten her future, Paxton has to figure out how to salvage her singing career before it’s too late. 


You’ve reached the Snitch, AKA the Bitch. My blog, my words. Take it or leave it.

Hi, gossip lovers.

Monday, June 16th

Rise and shine, country music fans. The latest Paxton Parker scandal is depleting data plans everywhere. Country Barbie told her fans exactly what she thought about headliner, Chad Holloway, minutes before she collapsed on stage last night. I guess she snapped from the pressure of opening for her ex-boyfriend’s sold-out tour.

Paramedics rushed her to a local hospital, where she was ushered into a private room. According to her camp, she suffered a bout of food poisoning. Come on, with a waist smaller than a bottle cap, was food the issue? Of course, several Twitter birdies think she lost a battle with a bottle of whiskey. So, Michiganders, watch the local hospitals in case she escapes in disguise.

Through The Binoculars

Spotted: Chad Holloway and Kayla McCarthy sipped coffee in the Auburn Hills Hilton lobby at six A.M. wearing last night’s stage outfits. Were they with Paxton at the hospital all night? Maybe they shared a hotel room? If only walls could talk.

Their duet rocked, fueling rumors about Kayla being added to the tour. Does this mean Paxton and Chad are dunzo for good? Say it isn’t true, Country Barbie.

Banjos and heartstrings —Snitch

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