PW #312: Young Adult Science Fiction (LGBT, Own Voices): STEALING THE STARS

Manuscript Status: Finished

Mentor: Sarah Glenn Marsh & Shana Silver
Mentee: L.C. Holst
Category: Young Adult
Genre: Science Fiction (LGBT, Own Voices)
Word Count: 95,000


When seventeen-year-old Aria Locksley, a thief with a failing heart, botches a heist and gets her captain captured, she and the roguish ladies aboard the Siren must consort with an eccentric black-market crime boss and steal the priceless Night Diamond in order to secure the collateral to rescue her captain and replace Aria’s heart. FIREFLY meets the girl power of Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video.


Cold air. Adrenaline rising. A pocketful of jewels. This is what the night was made for, and what a night it was turning out to be.

Aria Locksley pressed her spine into the rough stone wall and sank deeper into the shadows. In her dark bodysuit, she was indistinguishable from the mansion’s grey facade to anyone who might look at its upper veranda. Nothing more than a trick of the mind or a glimpse in someone’s eye. There one second and gone in a flash.

She brought a gloved hand to her earpiece and switched on her mic, then spoke in a voice softer than her footfalls. “Captain, you there? I have the jewelry from the upstairs vault. Making my way along the outdoor walkway to our meeting point now. Where are you?”

A moment later, Captain Olivia Lightwood’s steady voice spoke into Aria’s ear. “I’m in the master bedroom. Found the cache where the starlet keeps all the good stuff.” Aria heard the muffled scrapes and clunks of a drawer being rifled through before the captain added, “Did you know she has four separate closets? Four!”

“You would, too, if you were a platinum-record pop star,” Aria said.

“I’d have better taste is what I’d have. This jewelry is tackier than the knockoffs hawked in Slipshod Market.”

“As long as we can fence them, who gives a flying flux what they look like?”

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