PW #306: Young Adult LGBT Fantasy: VENDETTA OF MONSTERS

Manuscript Status: Finished

Mentors: Sarah Nicolas & Leigh Mar
Mentee: Ellie Luken
Category/Genre: Young Adult Fantasy (LGBT)
Word Count: 98,000


Raised to kill undead monsters, Zarailla is the second-best soldier in her father’s army. One of the last surviving sorcerers, Leinna grew up a hostage of Zarailla’s military—a condition of an uneasy truce. When tensions re-ignite, their families expect them to fight for their sides.

But the childhood friends have fallen for each other.


Only fools or the desperate wandered beyond the city walls by themselves. Zarailla had yet to determine which category the man on the horizon belonged to.

Leaning against a wall of splintering wood to shield herself, she studied him. His bulky coat buried his body, and a fur-rimmed hood hid his face and gave her nothing useful at all. He strode up the crest of a small hill with no weapon visible. Point for fool.

A few steps ahead, Janessa peeked out from what had once been a farmhouse. Paint faded, wood worn, and missing an entire chunk of wall, it was nothing but a ruin now, like everything else in the brown grass.

“What do you think he’s doing, captain?”

I don’t know, Zarailla thought, but that was never an acceptable answer to any question. “You should approach him and find out.”

A fool they should leave to die. Someone desperate—they should find out what he ran from. Or toward.

Janessa nodded. She drew her sword, slunk from behind the slouching farmhouse and jogged up the incline. Good thing Zarailla hadn’t ordered her to sneak up because the grass crunching under her feet was loud enough that stealth was a lost dream.

The man stopped walking, turned toward her. His hood still shadowed his face, revealing only yellow teeth in a too-broad smile.

Zarailla’s hand dropped to the hilt of her sword.

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