PW #303: Young Adult Urban Fantasy: THE MEMORY KEEPER

Manuscript Status: 2 week delivery

Mentor: Lizzy Charles
Mentee: Talynn Lynn
Category/Genre: Young Adult Urban Fantasy
Word Count: 73,000


Skyla Jenkins has mere hours to find her sister Morrow’s memory book before the rogue memories that escaped it steal her twin’s identity forever. THE MEMORY KEEPER features an inconsistent narrator. THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN meets FROZEN.


Tonight was the night a thousand mirrors would shatter. The real me would be lost in the shards, scattered in the darkness.

My sister didn’t know. The last time I saw her she’d disappeared behind the etched glass doors of the Master Guild ceremony, dancing with her boyfriend, Jack. Soon the formalities would end and the real fun of the back-to-school party would start, out by the bonfire. Most parents and teachers would stand around and gossip by the buffet table. The students would sneak off outside for one last summer fling before classes began.

But I wouldn’t be there.

 Even though an urgent pressure threatened to squeeze the air from my lungs, I couldn’t leave without saying goodbye. There was only one way to escape what was coming and I wanted her to know how much I loved her. I clutched my chest, knowing the real person I was would soon be gone, forever severed from this life as it merged with the unknown of tomorrow. It would happen in one tiny step and fade as swift as my reflection disappeared from the glass of the mirror. 

I pressed the crystal envelope to my mouth, fogging it with my breath and leaving a baby pink lipstick mark. I wiped it away with the heel of my hand. The pure gold seal was engraved with my name. Not my initial. My full name. Skyla Laenaya Rose Jenkins, in calligraphy. An invitation from the Diamond Guild was a rare sight, one not to be frowned upon. My fingers trembled.

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