PW #253: YA LGBT Contemporary: SPARKLE PREP

Pitchwars Badge (Square YA)

Manuscript Status: Finished

Mentor Name: Jessie Devine
Mentee Name: Kyle Kerr
Category: Young Adult
Genre: LGBT Contemporary
Word Count: 75,000


The Monarchy rules Eustace Academy and they’re out for fresh blood. When initiation night gets out of hand and their king is overthrown, relationships shatter, alliances form, and someone’s future will be destroyed. Gay GOSSIP GIRL.


Winter van Aerden knows never to trust a fag who likes his ego stroked more than his cock. And it looks like there’s a lot of the wrong kind of stimulation going on. He stands below a set of stone steps, staring at fathers and sons heading into the Academy. The pretentiousness nauseates him and he groans at having to start the charade all over again. Four schools in three years must be a record.

He checks his phone. The background image of him and his boyfriend stares back, the screen otherwise blank. No texts from Wyatt, who’s stuck in Wyoming. It’s unusual to go more than an hour without hearing from him, and on a day Winter needs moral support? He shoots off a quick message, his third this morning: I’m here. Kill me now.

The thought of another year away from Wyatt makes him hate his surroundings even more. His hand twitches to his inside breast pocket, fingers brushing the cold stainless steel cigarette case, but stops when he feels his father’s presence. He buttons his suit jacket instead.

“You could send me to public school, since there aren’t any private ones left at home.”

His father pauses. “This is the best place for you.”

Winter works his jaw. “Funny, I thought it would be better not to have me two thousand miles away from my family.”

“You left us little choice.” Mr. van Aerden clears his throat. “And we all know it’s not the family you want to come back to.”


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