PW #247: YA Psychological Suspense: AT EVERY TURN

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Manuscript Status: 2 week delivery

Mentor Name: Kelly Calabrese
Mentee Name: Tina Boone
Category: YA
Genre: Psychological Suspense
Word Count: 60,000


Since her sister’s disappearance, dancer Savanna hasn’t set foot on the stage they once shared. But when another company member goes missing, she must step back into the spotlight and risk her own safety to help find the kidnapper.


My heart spasms at the sight of the gunmetal SUV with the familiar license plate. There’s only one reason the Riverton Police Department would send its finest to our theater on a Sunday.

Questions—ones I’ve asked myself a million times.

The thought of rehashing everything makes my stomach knot. I’d answer those questions if I could. I’d do a lot of things if I could. But there’s only so much of the past a girl can take without hating herself.

I tuck myself into my coat and skid up the icy steps.

When my employee badge doesn’t swipe, I smack the card reader. “Come on.”

The backstage door buzzes, and I shove inside.

“Try it again.” Lakelyn’s voice booms over the music. “And watch your hands. You’re wrenching the hell out of my boob.”

Heat blooms across my cheeks.

I halt at the curtain, wave at them from the wings.

Tony gives me a “what’s up” nod.

“Do you guys know why—”

“Give us a sec to figure this out.” Lakelyn places his hands where she wants them on her body.

“For real?” Tony grunts.

Oh, she’s for real. Not that I should be weirded out by him touching her. It’s only a dance. And Tony’s my friend, my best friend, who’s bulked up a lot this year.

“So, why’s Detective Allen here?” I ask.

“Man, I thought you were bringing me breakfast.” Tony stretches his arms over his head, his full lips curving into a mischievous grin.


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