PW #240: Middle Grade Contemporary #ownvoices: MIRACLE

Manuscript Status: Finished

Mentor Names: Cindy Baldwin and Amanda Rawson Hill

Mentee Name: Karen Chow


Category: Middle Grade

Genre: Contemporary #ownvoices

Word Count: 40,000


Amie’s spent her life perfectly in tune with what her father wanted for her. But after Ba-ba dies, Amie must discover who she is when playing solo. Being the conductor of her own life means new friends, new interests, and becoming the person Ba-ba knew she was all along.



Ba-ba always told me I was a miracle.

His doctor said it was impossible for him and Mom to have children. I wasn’t supposed to exist. He was never supposed to meet me. We were never supposed to spend eleven years, seven months, and fourteen days together.

I stared at his blank face, so still on the crisp hospital bed. His black hair had thinned, and his yellowish skin molded to his cheekbones. The rest of him was kept warm by a thick, cream-colored blanket.

I could barely hear his breath over the blips on the monitors.

I perched on the edge of the pale pink chair, clasping my chilled hands around his limp fingers. I kept squeezing them, like I could push life into him.

“Amie,” Mom patted my shoulder, “some of the church members are here.”

Ba-ba’s friend, Mr. Hua, led a group of solemn-looking people who were all around Ba-ba’s age. They gathered near the foot of the bed. Their black-and-gray hair looked like stormy clouds.

Their winter wraps prepared them for snow, even though it never snowed in Phoenix.

“Hi, Amie.” Mr. Hua’s voice was quiet as he approached my chair. He gazed at Ba-ba in a coma. His black eyes watered.

I could tell he wanted to sit down, so I gave Ba-ba’s hand one last squeeze before tearing myself from the chair and joining Mom in the corner. She pulled me close, and I buried my head into her shoulder.

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