MENTOR: Jessie Humphries

MENTEE: Andy Hertzenberg



WORD COUNT: 55,000



When fangirl Olivia Davis saves Hollywood hunk Kit Taylor’s life it should have been a good thing. Except that he ends up in coma, his family mistakes her for his girlfriend, and despite best intentions, she gets tangled up in a messy web of lies that is bound to break more than one heart.



In my seventeen years I’ve been to Paris, Tokyo, and Egypt. I’ve walked the streets of Victorian London, visited the underwater world of Atlantis, and survived at least four versions of a dystopian outer space. That’s me, Olivia Davis, time traveling jet setter.

Or, you know part-time employee at Universal Studios.

But the last time I was in the Hollywood Hospital I was seven, and didn’t know what was going on. I don’t remember the waiting room being this jam-packed. In fact, I think Gran and I were the only people here. This time there’s hardly room for me to elbow my way through to the nursing station. In a sliver of space between two reporters I spot an opening.

“Excuse me,” I say, pushing past them.

Even their dirty looks can’t slow me down. Not that anything would stop me. Kit’s in the back somewhere, and I have to know if he’s okay. Last I saw of him he was unconscious getting loaded into an ambulance. They would have woken him up by now, right?  He has to be okay. He’s a celebrity. They wouldn’t let him die. Then again they’re not supposed to let anyone die. It’s not like he’s super human.

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