Manuscript Status: Two Weeks

Mentor Name: Rebecca Petruck

Mentee Name: Robin Lemke


Category: Middle Grade

Genre: Science Fiction

Word Count: 50,000 words


An anxiety-ridden math prodigy wants to help her dad find a healthy alt-Earth before their generations-old “temporary” colony on the moon runs out of water. She’d also like a best friend, another resource in short supply. When she discovers the vlog of a girl her age on an obviously alternative Earth, she knows she should tell her dad right away, but can’t resist starting a conversation that turns into real friendship. But when their worlds become entangled at a quantum level, the girls must untangle the cosmic knots and hope friendship can be stronger than Newton’s laws.


A set is like a collection, like the way my little brother and his friends collect TopBot cards and battle them incessantly at recess. I’m sure he could tell you about every single robot and exactly what it does. Or you could just write it like this: Stone’s Cards = {whatever it is he collects}. But I like to think a set is a collection that means something, so I collect more important things, like grave injustices done against me. The most recent addition to Things Silver Should Never Have to Endure is struggling through an entire choir concert with orange Jell-O dripping down the inside of my space helmet and congealing in my ears thanks to my little brother and things he thinks are hilarious.

I think it’s worth saying that the sets Things Stone Thinks are Hilarious and Grave Injustices Done Against Silver are almost identical.

It’s true, I don’t technically have to wear my space helmet indoors, but that’s not the point. The fact that we’ve learned to live on the moon but not how to make choir concerts endurable isn’t even the point. The point is, I’ve added a new member to a set that really should be empty.

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