PW #231: YA Historical Fantasy: SEA OF RIVALS

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Manuscript Status: One Week Delivery

Mentor Name: Megan Grimit
Mentee Name: Isabel Davis
Category: YA
Genre: Historical Fantasy
Word Count: 70,000


When it comes to her father’s war with the Merfolk, seventeen-year-old Cordelia always knew which side she was on. Nobody crosses the ruthless pirate king of Nassau. But when a merman shows mercy and spares her life, Cordelia must choose between the father whose approval she craves and saving a race facing extinction.


Her father harpooned the mermaid and the shrill scream that followed carried back to the Fancy. Cordelia whipped around and fled to the stern of the ship.

Behind her, the screeching cries of their captive turned into panicked sobs. But she refused to turn around to watch the crew haul its bounty on board. She squeezed her eyes as the pirate ship rocked side to side like an old ticking clock. Not for the first time, Cordelia wished to return home.

Over the rigorous splashing of their catch, the crew whooped and cheered for the captain and his lethal aim. When the sounds of movement in the water stopped, Cordelia gripped the ship’s rail until her knuckles turned white.

The mermaid scratched and clawed at the wood planking on the side of the ship. The pirates grunted as they brought the fish over the rail and dumped it on the deck with a loud thud.

The mermaid whimpered.

Cordelia wanted to throw up. Dont look back. Dont look at it.

“Cory, step back from the rail,” Mr. Abney shouted. “You want to get yourself killed, boy?”

She jumped, sucking in air until the heavy canvas wrapped around her chest stopped her lungs from expanding.

Damn pirate articles. If only she didn’t have to use the infernal wrap. But if anyone knew the truth, they’d throw her overboard. Cordelia shuddered at the thought.

Like most good sailors, she wasn’t a strong swimmer.


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