Pitchwars Badge (Square YA)Manuscript Status:  Finished

Mentor Name: Wendy Spinale
Mentee Name: M. M. Hoffman
Title: The Atlantic Bond
Category: YA
Genre: Sci-Fi
Word Count: 80,000



With the human race near extinction, seventeen-year-old Evie enlists as the lone female Jockey, escaping a genetically-arranged marriage. Neurally bonded to her pilot, Android 1408, she discovers an infectious personality within the machine, a forbidden sentient glitch. She’ll fight to protect him from destruction, even if it means losing her freedom and her heart.



A.I. 1408
1 AUG 2095 | 2358 Hours

An alarm within my central processor commands me to recharge. Closing my eyes, I overwrite. A feat an Android is not capable of. But, I am not like the other Androids.

I am a tool. The purpose of my existence is to ensure the continuation of the human species. To protect them in the fight for their lives. My designated human decides if I live or die.

The computer console flashes a message—I will be reassigned to another Jockey pilot. I retrieve the image of the Cadet that I must be paired with.

I cannot maintain the truth behind my ability forever. If I reveal myself, I will be dismantled.

This human, Evie Thornhill, must pass the Jockey exam. My survival depends on her.

Cadet Evie Thornhill
Cadet Testing Center
3 AUG 2095 | 0900 Hours

They teach us to convert our anxiety into motivation, to push through our doubts. I find this strategy difficult—there’s too much at stake.

A bang outside the window stops the nervous twitch in my leg. I glance at the massive sign as it reports the remaining humans left on Earth. Three high-pitched chimes reverberate from The Life, announcing the new babies brought into this wasteland we call home. Most days, I ignore the sign. Today, the six red numbers remind me why I’m sitting here. Humanity is on the endangered species list, and I will do something about it.


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  • Leon Husock

    I’d like to see more! Please send a query + the full MS to leon@lperkinsagency (with Pitch Wars in the subject line), along with a one-sentence description of your book.

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