PW #142: Adult Urban Fantasy: GRAVE DIRT

Manuscript Status: Finished

Mentor Name: Elinor Sattler

Mentee Name: Samantha J. Robin


Category: Adult

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Word Count: 102,000


Archaeologist Sydney Reid scrapes by forging fake antiques, but when her boss uses her work to release an ancient Mesopotamian demon, she is suddenly clocking overtime dodging bullets, riled-up cultists, and the kind of magic that steals her future. Now she’s in a race against time to dig up a long-buried myth before she becomes ancient history. INDIANA JONES meets JANET EVANOVICH.


It was too early in the morning to sink this low, but three shots of espresso and the will to survive had compromised my morals.

I knocked twice at the grey fiberglass door and rescued the baked clay urn from the mess of pens and gum wrappers at the bottom of my purse. The pint-sized vase was not the most flattering advertisement for the ancient world. Most of the engravings were of vultures and barren fields, and the old priest at the center was smushed under the weight of an elaborate headdress, heavy brush strokes cursing him with scoliosis and bags under his eyes deep enough to shoplift a Volkswagen. Centuries ago, a vase like this would have been painted for ceremonial use, and there were some traces of red and coral left in the grooves of the priest’s robes.

I would have added some blue there too, but my roommate used the last of her nail polish.

I knocked again.

The door whined open to a rusted security chain and a scruff-chinned blond in flannel pajama pants. He wasn’t happy to see me.

“Sydney Reid, it’s six o’eight in the morning.”

I flaunted my vase. “I’ve got a piece for you, Mack.”

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