PW #139: Adult/SciFi Thriller: #FEEDWAR

Manuscript Status: Finished

Mentor: Dan Malossi
Mentee: Rachelle Harp
Category/Genre: Adult/SciFi Thriller
Word Count: 80K


Data sniper Reef Gibson and her crew of Feeders are feuding for control of FeedTower—the world’s largest social network. Reef doesn’t care: her mother is dying. When Reef discovers a life-saving drug, the lone seller is an old flame from a rival crew. And he wants FeedTower in return. But so does Reef’s vicious boss. Let the #FeedWar begin.


The sizzle of a neon sign whispers above my head. I pop an e-cig between my lips, scan the glitzy men and women filtering through FeedTower’s fenced-in courtyard. A sleeve of cool air wraps me. It’s October and winter’s already waking up. I used to shudder when that happened.

Not anymore.

The scraper used to be called the “Empire State Building,” a place where tourists forked over an ass-wad of cash to hike to the top for their city-view fixes. Or they’d buy some trinket to toss in a drawer and forget. AdTap took over and bulldozed the buildings around it. Lit the thing up like a Christmas tree, turned it into a tower of useless shit streaming 24-7. People never seem to get enough of it.

Chats. Updates. Posts. Pictures.

The Feed.

At least the part most people know about.

Nate Rigby emerges from the gala and struts across the sidewalk, his charcoal gray silk suit shimmering as he passes under the FeedTower lights. With a face like a movie star and a smooth smile, it’s easy to see why people like him—Councilman Rigby, A Vote for the Future.

His shoulders are pulled back and he walks tall like he’s got a stick up his ass. Could be arranged, but I’ve got better plans for him tonight.

And he won’t see it coming. I’m that good.


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