PW #137: Adult Contemporary Fantasy: NORTH WIND

Manuscript Status: Two Weeks Delivery

Mentor Name: Amy Garabedian

Mentee Name: Sabine McMenes


Category: Adult

Genre: Contemporary Fantasy

Word Count: 87,200 words


The great-great-granddaughter of a Duwamish medicine man and a Scottish changeling, Skylar knows something about living in two worlds. After all, she’s half-Native, bisexual, and not entirely human.

Then Skylar encounters a troll who claims her ex-girlfriend Carly has been abducted and dragged underground into the dark remnants of Seattle’s original city. But saving Carly means enlisting the help of Khean, the son of a Cambodian refugee with his own supernatural secrets. He was her first love until he betrayed her trust.

She’ll delve deep into Seattle’s dire history, coming face to face with an ancient evil she thought lived only in her ancestors’ legends: North Wind. The primordial spirit of ice and winter has returned, in a new form and with his cold sights set on Skylar and everyone she holds dear.


Seattle, 1995

Stuck in supernatural traffic at the corner of Oaksdale and Monster Avenue, Skylar thrummed her fingers against the steering wheel of her ’69 Beetle.

She was already running late for her wildlife biology class, but at this rate she wouldn’t be going anywhere in a hurry. A line of faery-folk were waddling across the road, looking for all the world like a mother duck and her ducklings, the iridescence of their dragonfly wings oddly out of place against the dull grey of the sodden concrete.

Glancing nervously at the rearview mirror, Skylar held her breath. This break in traffic couldn’t last long, and it would only take one unwitting SUV to mean the end of those magical critters.

A semi rounded the bend.

“Hurry, hurry, hurry!” Skylar muttered through a long exhale, mentally prodding the creatures along, not at all optimistic as to who would win a battle royale between side-loader and spirit-people.

The truck was going too fast. They weren’t going to make it.

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