PW #131: Adult Contemporary: THE MARRIAGE CODE

Manuscript Status: Finished

Mentee Name: Brooke Salesky

Mentor Name: Melissa Marino


Category: Romance

Genre: Contemporary

Word Count: 94,000


THE HATING GAME meets A BOLLYWOOD AFFAIR. American IT guru Emma relocates to the Bangalore office only to be taunted by new coworker Rishi. Rishi can’t forgive her for stealing his promotion, but after Emma creates an algorithm to find him a suitable wife, he realizes love is right in front of him. A love that could make him choose between his family and Emma.


Fate is what Emma Delaney told herself a month ago when the company had asked her to move.

Fate is what her best friend called it after the Jeremy incident and Emma couldn’t escape him.

Fate is the word she’d resisted since she was eight years old when the universe had stolen everything she’d known.

And now here she was. Diamonds and gold flashing on billboards. Honking from cars trying to move in the dense traffic. The glint of the airport’s massive glass walls. Sifting dirt and construction in the distance. Saris in a kaleidoscope of silk swishing past her.

Had fate really brought her to India?

Was fate also responsible for her being stranded outside for thirty minutes without a working phone and no one from her company here to pick her up?

She should have known better. Fuck fate.

A muggy heat seared her skin and forced her breath to get stuck in her throat. Her stomach turned on itself as she eyed her surroundings. How could she get to wherever she was supposed to go? The office? A hotel? A coffee shop across the parking lot lured her from a distance.

Coffee, the sweet nectar of the jetlagged gods.

Why was no one there? She pulled out the notes app on her phone and looked at the mish mash of words and numbers. Which way was the office?

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