PW #129: Adult Contemporary Romance (heat level: hot) #ownvoices: LUST

Manuscript Status: One Month Delivery

Mentor Name: Diana A. Hicks

Mentee Name: Gia de Cadenet

Title: LUST

Category: Adult

Genre: Contemporary Romance (heat level: hot) #ownvoices

Word Count: 85,000 words


If up-and-comer Isadora can prove her value to her boss, and run a scandal-free legislative session, she’ll make it to DC. The hot new lawyer might be all sin and sex, but he works for her boss’s archrival. A romance is just the sort of scandal that crushes goals at the Capitol.


If you can handle stonewalling senators and aggressive lobbyists, you can handle a short flight.

At the San Diego airport, Isadora Maris sipped her latte, as she re-read the article saved on her phone. The odds of dying in a plane crash are one in twenty-nine million. On the way to her gate, she passed a young couple making out. How long had it been? But she had too much on the line. She couldn’t be distracted this session.

She picked up the pace and slammed into someone. The impact forced the lid off her cup, and splashed coffee over a white dress-shirt stretched over a wide chest.

“Well, fuck,” he said.

“I’m so sorry.” She fished a bunch of napkins out of her purse. When she peered up at his face, she stopped dead. Green eyes framed by dark hair stared back at her. The man stood a good six inches taller than her, tan, and hot. Cover model hot.

She’d scalded the sexiest man she’d ever seen. “Here.” She offered him the napkins.

He snatched them from her. “You must be in a hurry.”

“No. I mean yes.”

“Maybe watch where you’re going next time.” Just her luck, the demi-god was pissed at her.

“Maybe you shouldn’t plow out of restrooms.” She sprinted toward her gate. Afraid or not, she had to make this flight.

Isadora adjusted her earphones and started her before-takeoff ritual. The odds of dying in a plane—

“Well, isn’t this a surprise?”

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