PW #123: Adult Contemporary Romance: THE MOMENT I FALL

Manuscript Status: Finished

Mentor: Laura Brown
Mentee: R.R. Baker
Category: Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Word Count: 73,000 words


Tattoo artist Knox falls for recovering aerialist, Genevieve, the moment she throws him off balance at physical therapy. Already losing the use of his legs; he can’t afford to lose his heart. His only definite plan for the future includes a wheelchair, but the Moroccan beauty is determined to prove that all of him is worth loving.


“You almost died, Genevieve.”

My jaw clenches as I squat into my fifteenth lunge. “That’s something I’m reminded of every day.”

Brennan’s eyes cut toward me. “I want you to really think about that before you swing through hoops and tangle yourself in silks again. Being a safe aerialist is serious business. Now, steady your right foot and bounce on your toes.”

I focus on the white wall in front of me and do as I’m told. My physical therapist Brennan has the power to clear me and I intend to end this session—my last session—on a happy note.

“Your improvement has been substantial, especially with your knack for disobeying orders. I’m surprised we’ve made it to this point so soon. Switch feet and repeat.”

I switch feet and feign interest on the clock above me. Brennan continues to circle me, prodding my back with his pen to correct my posture.

He taps my arm. “That’s enough.”

I sneak a peek at the guy doing leg exercises on a bench on the other side of the room. He arrived twenty minutes ago on crutches looking like he’d rather lay hot coals on his eyeballs than be at physical therapy. Dark brown hair pulled into a messy, man-bun looks like something I’ll enjoy loosening and getting my hands all tangled up in while nuzzling his telltale shadow of a beard.

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