PW #120: Adult Commercial Fiction: LIES UNDERCOVER

Manuscript Status: Finished

Mentor: Tamara Mataya
Mentee: KK Hendin
Category/Genre: Adult Commercial Fiction
Word Count: 97,000

Pitch: Miss Congeniality meets 21 Jump Street

Serious field operative to fake Youtube beauty Vlogger? Not the CIA career trajectory Kira anticipated. When a lethal drug circulates the NYC modeling community, Kira’s thrust into a world of models, mayhem, drug lords, and douchelord exes. Solving the case while deciding between kissing or kicking Blue Sandoval-Mendoza? It’s complicated. Now, if she can just find a Met Gala dress that’ll hide all her knives…


March 2015

When I joined the CIA, I knew they’d ask me to do a lot of weird shit, but this is possibly the weirdest. Has Jane Hesterman, head of the CIA, lost her goddamn mind? She wouldn’t destroy our careers like this.

Son of a castrated monkey. “You want us to do what?”

“Exactly what I said.” Hesterman gives me the stink eye. “We need infiltration in the entertainment industry. You fit the part.”

“Isn’t starting a YouTube channel counterintuitive? Why bother with covers if we’re going to be so exposed?” Calli asks. “Beauty vloggers-turned-bodyguards? You’ve got to admit, ma’am, it’s…farfetched.”

Hesterman’s grip tightens on her cup. “This isn’t just about protection. It’s about infiltration. The celebrities in these circles don’t let their guards down unless they think you’re one of them.”

But we’re not one of them. “How are we going to—”

“Sterling will be working with you on this project.” Hesterman turns back to her computer, effectively dismissing us. And with that, the meeting that kind of just changed the entire trajectory of our careers is over.

We hustle out of the conference room and head towards Starbucks. There are a lot of uncomplimentary things you can say about the CIA campus, but having a Starbucks here is really nice.

Not to mention the baristas have never fucked up my order.


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