PW #113: Adult #ownvoices Amateur Detective/Traditional Mystery : Death Comes to ComiKon 

Manuscript Status: 2 weeks delivery

Mentor Name: Kellye Garrett

Mentee Name: Mia P. Manansala

Title: Death Comes to ComiKon

Category: Adult

Genre: #ownvoices Amateur Detective/Traditional Mystery

Word Count: 70,000 words


Imagine Veronica Mars as queer, Asian-American, and all grown up, and you’ve got geek girl extraordinaire Sunshine Salinas. Obsessed with Samurai Surfer Squadron since she was a child, Sunshine must crack the case when the show’s star turns up dead at Chicago ComiKon and her childhood heroine becomes the prime suspect. But if Sunshine’s not careful, they might be sharing a cell, as Chicago PD is all too eager to cast her as the faithful sidekick.


When in doubt, follow the nerds.

Good bit of life advice in general, and particularly useful when you’re supposed to be helping your best friend set up a table at Chicago ComiKon (CCK), but can’t find the damn place.

Despite being the largest comic book convention in Chicago, CCK was impossible to find since the only thing the organizers liked less than staying in the same location from year to year was providing practical signage. You basically had to pretend you were the World’s Greatest Detective (Batman, not Sherlock Holmes) and put together clues like, “Hey, there’s a million people milling about and half of them are dressed as Harley Quinn. I should probably go thataway.”

Call it Sunshine Salinas and The Case of the Missing Convention.

I was already more than an hour late thanks to my daily dose of drama, this time in the form of my (formerly) on-again (permanently) off-again ex-boyfriend, Ben. Throw in every slow-moving pack of out-of-towners searching for their own convention, and I could feel my anxiety levels ratcheting up to an eleven.

I was yelling horrible obscenities (in my head) at the latest group, when I heard the scream.

Did I imagine that? No one else around me was reacting. Maybe my anxiety had finally evolved to psychosis?

But then I heard it again.


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