PW #112: Adult Contemporary Romance: HOW TO RESET A BROKEN HEART

Manuscript Status: Finished

Mentor Names: Kelli Newby and Mary Ann Marlowe

Mentee Name: Amy Kathryn Jones


Category: Adult

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Word Count: 91,000 words


Traveling nurse Simone Duncan only wants a fling with MMA fighter Gabe Diaz. He’s exactly her type—smoking hot, easy to leave. But with a shot at going pro, he won’t blow off his training for anything less than love. Minor wound care ignites major chemistry, but if Simone can’t plant her feet and drop her guard, Gabe won’t have time to prove he’s worth fighting for.


Gentle bursts of warm air drift through the windows of my sister’s dimly-lit Manhattan apartment. For the last half hour, Savannah’s pulled out all the stops to keep me from making my usual getaway excuses. A rich cabernet, a head massage, and a clever playlist conspire to create my current state of bliss.

“Great song,” I admit, as The Smiths begin to play.

Sprawled on the couch with my head in my sister’s lap, I inhale the fragrance of sandalwood incense mingling with the aroma of fried dumplings from the restaurant downstairs. The combo is a big improvement over the body fluids I managed for my patient all day. While no one ever promised nursing would be a glamorous profession, the sights and smells still occasionally catch me off guard.

Savannah presses her fingertips into my temples as the phone on my chest vibrates with another text. I peek at the screen.

Correction. Six more texts.

“The firefighter?” Savannah asks.

I force my jaw to relax. “Feels like the whole Chicago fire department.”

“He seemed like a good guy…”

I hold up a hand to stop her from killing my buzz. Girls’ Nights In are always The Smiths and bliss until my little sister starts analyzing my lifestyle choices. “He knew I was on a contract. Besides, it’s not like I’m impossible to forget.”

The phone vibrates again.

“You sure about that, Simone?”



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