Pitchwars Badge (Square MG)

Manuscript Status: Finished

Mentor Name: Sarah Cannon
Mentee Name: Vanessa Barger
Category: MG
Genre: Science Fiction
Word Count: 53,000


Twelve-year-old genius Rory has been pulled out of one boarding school after another by his brilliant, ambitious mom. Now, she’s finally found the ultimate learning environment: space. Students on the Intergalactic Space Alliance Center train to be diplomats in inter-species groups, but Rory’s includes his arch-nemesis, Mergatroid. Their conflicts are tanking their team. When space pirates attack the ISAC during detention, taking the other students hostage, Rory, Mergatroid, and their team must work together to save the school and the Intergalactic Alliance without killing each other.


We had to be heading for Antarctica. It was the only continent we hadn’t tried yet. I crossed my arms and glared at Mom, who hadn’t said more than a few words to me on the drive to, well, wherever we were going. We’d loaded up the car, and she’d whispered the directions to Harry. He’d raised an eyebrow and nodded. He hadn’t even given me the customary wink and smile. Instead, he’d looked serious, and kind of sad. It made me nervous, and a little peeved.

Sagging back against the seat, I sighed. Six boarding schools down, a million more to go. I wasn’t a bad kid. I didn’t even try to get kicked out—didn’t fight, always did my homework, and tried to be polite.

I always assumed my mother pulled me because she’d heard about the bullying. She had ears everywhere. I’d asked her about it last time. She’d sniffed, tapped some numbers into her phone and told me the academics weren’t up to her standards.

That was hard to believe. She did hours of research on each one and insisted on visiting and observing a day at each school. But in one case, my teacher had been replaced mid-year. In another she thought my Latin pronunciation was going downhill.

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