PW #110: Adult Contemporary Fantasy with M/M Romance: PARADISA


Mentor Name: Michelle Hazen
Mentee Name: Michelle Iannantuono
Category: Adult
Genre: Contemporary fantasy with M/M romance
Word Count: 88,000

Pitch: All gods may be real, but the greatest heroes are human. That includes gay ex-Navy SEAL Connor Bishara when he discovers the world’s deepest secret—Paradisa, a realm where every mythic pantheon resides, and some are rebelling against Paradisa’s uneasy truce. To survive, Connor must bind his soul to divine healer Raphael. Both men will fight to balance attraction and duty as they save human and heavenly realms from a war between gods. SUPERNATURAL x JASON BOURNE


The more the Tunisian cab driver’s gaze roamed to palm trees in the median, or to the other law-breaking motorists, the more Connor Bishara’s fingers twitched.

Beside him, his sister Clara gave a nudge. “Loosen up. If he sees your backseat driver face on, he’ll raise our fare.”

Like mother, like daughter. He rolled his eyes and turned to the window, watching the city of Tunis reboot from its Maghrib prayer hour. His previous tours of the Middle East were numerous, but he never fully embraced this dissonant love child of France and the Sahara.

No. He was used to seeing nations of his own blood through the scope of a US rifle.

In the front seat, their father chatted animatedly in Arabic with the driver. Connor tried to translate their conversation, but the words slipped through the cracks in his brain like sand. It was easier to focus on his father’s small talk than the driver’s inattentiveness. On this trip, he’d witnessed plenty of cars destroyed on the Avenue Habib after hitting drunken tourists or feral cats.

Connor’s taxi hit something entirely different.

He didn’t process the impact. Just before – his father’s Arabic breaking apart – and after – airbags like mortars, lap belts clinging, the spinning car’s screeeeeech. The city blared one unanimous horn, then faded into a thousand shouting voices.


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