PW #107: MG Science Fiction/Time Travel: THE SHATTERED WATCH

Pitchwars Badge (Square MG)Manuscript Status: Finished

Mentor Name: Wade Albert White
Mentee Name: Lacee Little
Category: MG
Genre: Science Fiction/Time Travel
Word Count: 50,000


The Kendricks and Dunmores are the only two families in the world with the technology to travel in time—unfortunately, they’re also archrivals. When a rare jade dragon statue is stolen from his family’s antique shop, Carson Kendrick must find a way to work with the Dunmores, or risk letting old family secrets destroy the world… both past and present.


The Kendrick family had a hard time following the rules.

Carson always thought this strange because as time travelers, they had a lot of them. Rules about how to Travel (always take someone with you), where to Travel (locations had to be carefully chosen to avoid attention) and even what to wear while Traveling (clothes that could blend into most time periods).

But at one time or another, they had all been broken. So on his thirteenth birthday, when Carson wanted to bend the rules just a little bit, he was surprised to find no one would let him.

“I’m sorry, but you have to watch the shop.” Aunt Harriet pulled him down the stairs to the first floor landing. “The rest of the family will be at the meeting.”

“But I’m old enough to go now,” he said, pulling back. “It’s official.”

She frowned. “Not until you get your watch. Then it’s official.”

He was almost positive she had just made that up. “But who’s going to watch the shop next week, when I can come to the meeting?”

Aunt Harriet shrugged. “We’ll close it, probably. Or have the meeting at night.”

“So why can’t you do that today?” he asked triumphantly.

“The meeting’s already been scheduled for this morning. It’s too late to change it now.” And to prove that her word was final, she shoved Carson into the shop and behind the counter.



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