PW #107: Adult Women’s Fiction: GHOSTS OF RODEO DRIVE


Mentor: Laura Heffernan
Mentee: Steph Mignon
Category/Genre: Adult/Women’s fiction
Word Count: 86,000


After growing up without indoor plumbing, Sierra moves to Beverly Hills, determined to marry for money. When a hot NBA player’s car knocks her out of her fake Louboutins, Sierra sees dollar signs–and wedding bells. Unfortunately, her job is “cursed”: No female employee has tied the knot in decades. Sierra explores life as a sugar baby, but when the cute magician downstairs helps her with a work presentation, she wonders if money is what she really wants, after all.

First Page:

In a few hours, Rodeo Drive will be teeming with Italian sports cars and the tightly stretched faces of Beverly Hills’ aging housewives. But right now, in the unspoiled sunshine of mid-morning, the store fronts and dreams trapped inside are all mine.

In the window of Cartier’s flagship Beverly Hills location, a woman’s white gloved hand slips a diamond bracelet on a mannequin’s velvet wrist. The display case lights are already on, making it look like the salesperson holds a ball of stars in her hand, sparkles shooting in every direction. It’s my favorite thing to watch: the way she works her gloves around the circle, polishing each gem like she’s a cat licking her newborn kittens. Someday, when I tell my future, filthy rich husband about this strand of perfection, he’ll agree such an exquisite piece should be mine.

Since I moved to Southern California a few months ago, this is my Monday morning ritual. I wake up early, put on flats, and walk from the Beverlywood apartment I share with my best friend Julie to look into the windows of my destiny.

I think about my goals as I walk past pristine Beverly Hills lawns, their gardeners stopping leaf blowers as I pass. I haven’t always been a gold digger. Like most little girls, I had big dreams.

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