PW #105: Adult Fantasy Romance: THE RAVEN PRISONER

Manuscript Status: Finished

Mentor: Layla Reyne
Mentee: Maxym Martineau
Category/Genre: Adult Fantasy Romance
Word count: 89,000


LOST GIRL meets THE CAPTIVE PRINCE when succubus Harlyn’s captor ignites more than contempt. After learning the truth about the war that claimed her mother’s life, Harlyn must decide whether to fight for her captor’s faction and avenge her mother or escape the chains around her neck—and her heart—for good.


Lighthouse District was full of possibilities. And I had one in my sights.

I gripped the cracking leather hold above my head as the Runner screeched to a stop. The motion rattled the passengers, and that’s when I glimpsed her through the sea of staggering bodies. The elf. I could balance a broomstick on her perfectly angled shoulders. So much confidence. The metallic train doors slid open, and I pushed my way out, following in her shadow.

She was young with pointed ears and thick black hair. Her red heels clicked against the pavement like ice cracking over a thawing lake. Business casual. Pencil skirt with a slit up the back. Wide-set hips. She’d do just fine.

A wave of desire purled down my spine and spread toward my limbs. Damn, I was hungry. But I didn’t come to Lighthouse to settle for the first hot piece of ass off the Runner. Hell, I’d even dressed up for this outing. Hunger gripped my insides, and I pressed a hand against my corset’s boning, willing away the sharp clench. The craving had nothing to do with actual food, yet I couldn’t help the habit.

True to its name, in Lighthouse there were no dark corners. No seedy establishments. No hidden alleys for questionable acts. Just marble-like buildings with magic in their brickwork that provided a constant soft glow. Privilege was a birthright to the locals. The backs of their heads were so heavy their noses always pointed up.

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