PW #104: Adult Paranormal Romance: FOR THE LOVE OF GHOSTS

Manuscript Status: Finished

Mentor Name: Caitlin Sinead

Mentee Name: Carrie Pulkinen


Category: Adult

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Word Count: 79,000 words


When Emily meets Sean at a New Orleans masquerade ball, his supposed ability to talk to ghosts drives a wedge between them before she even learns his identity. But if he can’t convince her spirits are real, a demon will destroy them both.


“What about a one-night-stand? Or a series of them?” Trish asked.

Emily Rollins cast a sideways glance at her friend. “I think I need to swear off men all together.” She gathered her billowing crimson skirt in her hands and climbed the stairs toward the hotel entrance, placing each step with precision. Practicality wasn’t on the list of requirements when she selected her costume for the Masked Movie Character Ball, and the last thing she needed was to trip on a layer of satin and tulle and tumble down before she even got inside.

Trish adjusted her mask. “You can’t punish yourself forever, Em. You promised you’d try to have fun tonight.”

She sighed and peered out over Canal Street, the dividing line separating the French Quarter from the rest of New Orleans. An October breeze raised goose bumps on her arms, and she shivered as she turned and drifted up the stairs.

“I’m not punishing myself. I’m just…” She swallowed the sour taste in her mouth. “It doesn’t feel right to have fun so soon.”

As they stepped inside the Ritz Carlton, soft classical music replaced the roar of outside traffic, and green carpet squished beneath her stilettos.

Trish touched her elbow. “It’s been more than a year. It’s time to move on.”

“I know.” She drew her shoulders toward her ears and wrapped her arms around her middle. “But after Jessica died…”

“Well, tonight you’re the Queen of Hearts, darling, and you’re smoldering. Every hot-blooded man who’s passed through this lobby has checked you out.”

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